Saturday, November 6, 2010

Apple cider vinegar for yeast infection in dogs

Apple cider vinegar is great natural home remedy for yeast infection in dogs and you can use it in multiple ways to fight yeast in dogs. Not only for yeast infection but it is a home remedy for many other dog diseases so if you have a dog in the house it is a handy item to have around. So lets take a look at how Apple cider vinegar (ACV) can be used to fight and prevent various dog diseases.
If your dog is having smelly ears or feet then applying some ACV
will more often than not solve the problem. Smelly ears and feet are symptoms of yeast infection so it is advisable to contact the veterinarian if the problem persists. Prevention is better than cure so as a practice you can apply some ACV after bathing your dog which will help to keep out many other disease as well.
If the dog is already infected and scratching the skin then you applying some ACV will solve the problem. If there is already a wound from scratching then make sure to dilute with water before use. Some dog owners are reluctant to do this because it could be a little painful for your dog. If you dilute the ACV with 80% of water then the pain is negligible.
Another way ACV can be used to fight yeast is by adding it to the dogs diet. A healthy diet will keep most diseases away including yeast infection. The bacteria that causes yeast infection is called Candida and it already resides in our body. The problem is when this bacteria overgrows and improper diet is one of the most common reasons for this. A poor diet can change the PH balance of our body making it easier for Candida to take over. Adding some ACV will help restore this balance, which in turn will help your dog fight the yeast infection.
ACV can be used to treat many other diseases in dogs. It can even be used to fight fleas and ticks. So if you are a dog owner its always a good idea to have some Apple cider vinegar around. Below you can check out Amazon for apple cider vinegar and be eligible for free super savings as well.