Saturday, May 23, 2009

Natural treatments for yeast infection in dogs

There are plenty of natural treatment for yeast infection in dogs. Opinions differ for different treatments so you have to make your own decision when trying things out. You can find a whole list of natural treatments with users voting if it worked or not at earth clinic. Apple cider vinegar and yogurt
seems to be the most popular ones but some people are complaining about the there pets suffering after the vinegar treatment.
After reading all those articles I think the safest and the least painful one is applying organic natural yogurt. They have the bacteria that kills yeast infection in dogs and doesn't cause pain for your pet as well.
If you decided to go for Apple cider vinegar treatment make sure to dilute them in water ( 80% water ) first. Then if your dog doesn't show any pain gradually increase the vinegar level.
For more natural treatments and to find out how to keep yeast infection away for good you can read Cure your dog naturally.The product is backed up by 56 day money back guarantee and you will get free online consultation about best natural treatments for your dog.

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